Thom Child and Family Services Says Goodbye to Longtime Thom Charles River Program Director

Thom Child and Family Services wishes a happy and healthy retirement to Lorraine Sanik, who served as an early intervention Director for 43 years. Lorraine was the founding Director of the early intervention program at Deaconess Waltham Hospital before it transitioned to operations with Thom Child and Family Services. Lorraine has been a leader in the early intervention community, considered a warrior by her peers for always advocating for children and families, and seen as a nurturing mentor by her staff. At the virtual retirement gathering where memories of Ms. Sanik’s experiences and accomplishments were shared, Gretchen Rowe, Executive Director of Thom Child & Family Services summed up Lorraine’s time with the agency in this way: “Lorraine’s hard work, determined advocacy, and willingness to roll up her sleeves and fight the good fight is what has contributed to decades of early intervention success – and not just at Thom – but across the state. Lorraine is a true champion for children, families, and staff alike.” Lorraine will be greatly missed and we wish her well during her adventures of retirement.

We are excited to announce that one of Thom Charles River’s experienced clinicians, Chrissy Kammel, will be taking over as the Director. Chrissy has been an integral member of the clinical team at Thom Charles River for the past 11 years. She holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University and is a Certified Early Intervention Specialist. She is passionate about working with multi-cultural families, particularly families who have immigrated to the US, and reducing the barriers to equitable service and healthcare that families face. We look forward to Chrissy’s leadership at the Thom Charles River Early Intervention Program.

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