Parent Perspectives

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we receive each year:

“…it is important to me that Carol receive some sort of recognition for how gracefully she has transitioned to televisits and continued to support our family. Our family has had such a great experience with Early Intervention through Carol and your program. We look forward to continuing our work with Carol and are so thankful for all of the language O. has acquired.”

“As you guide the kids along with exercises and routines, you are also teaching the adults. Many of the parents will watch you like a hawk, as I did, and ask for suggestions of what to do with the kids when you aren’t there. Therein lies the real magic: the magic of empowering the parents by giving them tools and resources to help their children. I went from feeling powerless by the circumstances under which my child was born, to feeling powerful by the knowledge of how to specifically help my son.”

“Our daughter has spina bifida which is a complex condition that affects many areas of her body. She has worked with early intervention since birth. What a gift it's been to have so many knowledgeable, trained, loving people come alongside us to help our daughter and our whole family. Lu has faced many hurdles in her short life but we've seen many of them conquered with the support of early intervention.

Before Lu was born, we were told she may never walk but after months of therapy and hard work, she took her first unassisted steps with her therapist. We've seen her make so much progress with the consistent encouragement and help of her early intervention therapist. Whenever her therapists were at the door Lu would say "my friend is here!! Will you play wif me??" To her it was just friends who came to play with her. What a gift these friends were to our family to use play as something that helped Lu strengthen areas of weakness and learn skills that helped her do things she may have never done otherwise. I am forever grateful for the compassion, patience, and guidance we received from early intervention!”

“Our little boy,
He does not speak.
He works hard to move
His hands and his feet.
He does not understand,
So many things.
We did not know
What the future would bring.

But you all knew,
How much he could do.
How to reach him, and teach him,
You taught us all too.
Our little boy,
Fills us with pride,
He has come so far,
Thanks to you by our side.

With our deepest gratitude for all of your expertise, encouragement and, most of all , your tremendous kindness.”

“Looking back on our three years of involvement, what strikes me most was how caring and tender each EI staff member was with my child. All these people were offering suggestions, working with my family, and trying to help me mold/create a successful little person. I went from being confused and sometimes angry, to be being grateful. Several of these talented people went from being total strangers, to being trusted members of my extended family. And on the days when my son had a breakthrough or achieved a milestone, I honestly think the folks working with us were almost as excited as I was!”

“As parents we have been given a challenge in meeting the needs of our son not only emotionally but physically and Thom Anne Sullivan Center has helped to put both our lives and our son’s life in a more clear perspective and we sincerely thank you all for this. Words cannot express how thankful we are to have had the opportunity to have had your services available to us.”

“I am writing as a testimonial to the excellent work and professionalism of Thom’s Early Intervention Program. We had moved and had to get a new EI provider for our son, Nico. The transition process between EI programs was seamless and his EI (Kassi) provider was excellent. He bonded very quickly with Kassi as we worked on joint attention, sensory strategies, and increasing his expressive language. At the age of 2, he only had a handful of words due to his autism diagnosis and very frequent ear infections. As we worked on the medical end of things, Thom was instrumental in addressing all his areas of need. Occupational therapy was started with Claire, which at first was a struggle as she really pushed him but also taught him much needed sensory strategies. She provided a much needed sensory diet schedule for him and he was able to incorporate independently along with adult help when needed. Speech therapy was also started with Cici to help increase his expressive language and to focus on more functional language to communicate more appropriately with others. Kassi was extremely helpful in coordinating with an additional EI programming and working to collaborate for continued care for Nico. The entire team was present for Nico’s IEP meeting with his school district for his transition to turning 3. His entire EI time was instrumental in seeing his growth and learning. They were so easy to work with and always worked hard to give Nico the best services. We are so grateful for all their help and Nico continues to ask to see them, which only shows how much he loved being with them.”