Thom Biller Software

Thom Child and Family Services’ practice management system, Thom Biller, is comprehensive billing and accounts receivable software for agencies that provide Early Intervention Services in Massachusetts. The software is designed to maximize collections while providing comprehensive accounting reports.

Thom Biller is:

  • The only practice management software for sale today that is used, depended upon, and maintained by the human services agency that developed it: Thom Child & Family Services. You can depend on Thom Biller to meet your current and future Early Intervention billing requirements.
  • Windows-based and network compatible for multi-user operation. It offers satellite configurations with automatic batch download of billing activity to a “base” central installation for agencies with multiple EI programs.
  • Highly customized with many automated functions for billing and remittance processing:
    • Able to produce HIPAA compliant (837) electronic bills as well as paper bills for third-party payers.
    • Able to upload electronic remittance advice from both third-party payers (835s) and DPH.
    • Able to upload spreadsheet submissions from Autism Specialty Service Providers (SSPs).
  • Designed to meet both accounting and other management data reporting needs. More than 300 reports are available and additional reports can be added to meet specific user needs.
  • Supported with a simple annual upgrade and support contract that guarantees it meets EI billing requirements.
  • Licensed for unlimited users at each program site.
  • Supported by people who designed and use the software every day. Thom Biller technical and billing support personnel are intimately familiar with the issues faced by users and are available to answer questions and provide technical training and support to Thom Biller users.
For more information about Thom Biller, contact: