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Pregnancy & Newborn Support Springfield

1506A Allen St., Bicentennial Plaza, Springfield, MA  01118

Contact information:

Phone: (413) 783-5500 x25
Fax: (413) 782-7612

Ruth Rivera, RN, Program Coordinator

Program Services

Thom Pregnancy and Newborn Support Programs provide home visits that focus on helping pregnant women access pre-natal care and engage in healthy behaviors. After the baby is born, Thom Pregnancy and Newborn Support Programs help new parents to do what's best for their babies' optimal growth and development through the first year. Home visits can help with:
  • Prenatal advice and support
  • Breastfeeding information and support
  • Health and parenting education
  • Questions about child development
  • Referrals for help with housing, health, education economic and/or community support

The Pregnancy and Newborn Support Program can provide services to women and their families when:
  • Mother is less than 20 years old and has 2 children (including current pregnancy) OR less than 22 years old and has 3 children (including current pregnancy)
  • There is violence in the home
  • There was a previous poor birth outcome including premature birth
  • There has been inadequate prenatal care
  • Mother is homeless or housing is unstable
  • There is a history of maternal depression
  • There is a history of using substances that pose a danger for the unborn child including alcohol and tobacco