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Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention

10P Gill St., Woburn, MA  01801

Contact information:
Phone: (781) 932-2888
Fax: (781) 932-9809
Anne Marsh, Director

Hours Of Operation:
8:00 - 4:30

Our Programs

Playgroups Offered

Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention Program offers a variety of community playgroups. Specific groups change from time to time based on family and child needs and interests. Please call the program at 781-932-2888 or speak to your service coordinator for up-to-date information regarding group times, types and space availability. A number of places in each group are reserved for children who are not enrolled in Early Intervention. Early Intervention professionals who may include Developmental Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational or Physical Therapists, Teaching Assistants and Counselors, provide staffing for all Mystic Valley groups. Some groups may also be staffed in collaboration with another community program.

Groups Currently Offered Include:

Jump, Jiggle & Jive™ is a movement and music program for young children and their parents or caregivers. The intent and focus of the program is on the process of adults and children having fun while making music together. Each session of Jump, Jiggle & Jive™ is composed of 6 classes. Each class is one hour long and occurs once a week. Classes may not be held during the holidays. The current sessions are held at the Arlington Boy's and Girl's Club and are facilitated by members of Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention staff.

There are also currently five Community Play Groups held at our Woburn Early Intervention Center. Each group lasts approximately 2 hours. Some groups offer a parent support/discussion group which runs at the same time as the child group. Parents have the option of participating in the child group if preferred. Days and times of community groups and parent support groups vary, but there are available options on most days of the week.

While each group is somewhat different based on the specific ages and needs/interests of the children attending, there are some common threads. All the groups offer a language rich, nurturing and safe environment where children have the opportunity to explore and play with their peers. Staff maintain a consistent routine of activities including free play, motor play, snack, circle time, pretend and manipulative play. The high staff to child ratio, with at least one adult to every three children, allows staff to facilitate child to child peer interaction and learning in all areas of development.

Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention also runs or participates in Off Site Community Groups within the local communities we serve. Currently, we participate in a playgroup located at the Arlington Boys and Girls Club, the Woburn Boys and Girls Club and St. Thomas of Villanova Church Hall in Wilmington and additional venues are being explored. These groups are Parent - Child Groups, meaning that a parent or caregiver participates in the group. The groups offer activities such as art, music and play that enhance children's development in all areas. Children gain peer learning and socialization opportunities while parents gain information about community resources and make connections with other parents with young children. Early Intervention professionals are on-hand to provide guidance around early childhood development. These groups are somewhat less structured than the groups at the Early Intervention site and have a lower ratio of staff to children.

Parent Groups are offered at the same time as many of the child playgroups at our Early Intervention site. The groups run for 1½ hours, allowing parents time to separate from their child in a relaxed manner and to talk with the child group staff at the end of the playgroup. The parent groups are safe and confidential; are typically led by experienced EI professionals; and provide the opportunity for parents to meet and discuss issues which impact on themselves and their families. Frequently discussed topics include developmental needs of young children, medical issues, community resources, siblings, sleep, school transitions and the impact of children on adult relationships.

Specialty groups such as Feeding Groups, Sibling Groups or Parent- Baby Groups are offered on an occasional or "as needed" basis.

Other Program Services

Through generous funding from the Cummings Foundation, Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention Program is able to offer staff and parent workshops, trainings, and consultation to local child care programs. Through this program, our clinicians offer workshops and consultations based upon the individual interests and needs of child care providers. For information about how to access trainings and consultation, contact Thom Mystic Valley at

The Cummings Foundation also supports innovative programming between Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention Program and local hotels providing shelter to families experiencing homelessness. Thom Mystic Valley EI staff and our community partners are grateful for the opportunity to provide these services to children and families during this vulnerable time in their lives. For more information, contact Christina Freed at Thom Mystic Valley,

To learn more about the charitable activities of the Cummings Foundation, please visit their website: