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Thom Anne Sullivan Center

126 Phoenix Ave., Lowell, MA 01852

Contact information:
Phone: (978) 453-8331
Fax: (978) 453-9254
Pam Wolfe, Director

Hours Of Operation:
8:00 - 4:00

Playgroups Offered

Anne Sullivan Center Groups offer developmentally appropriate activities for infants and toddlers. Groups also offer parent to parent support and opportunities for parents to consult with Early Intervention staff regarding their child’s development. Groups meet one time per week. Most groups are attended by a parent or caregiver and child, some are attended by the child or parent(s) only, while others include typically developing peers. The Anne Sullivan Early Intervention Program currently offers the following groups:
  • Parent/Infant Groups are planned for children who are younger than 18 months and their parent or primary caregiver.
  • Parent/Toddler Groups are designed for children who are older than 18 months and their parent or primary caregiver.
  • Toddler Groups are for children 24 months or older who may attend, when appropriate, without their parent or primary caregiver present.
  • Parent Support Groups are held during the day while toddlers attend playgroup. The Anne Sullivan Center also offers evening, parent only groups for support and education.
Specialty Groups include:
  • Jump, Jiggle and Jive™ and Kindermusik™, movement and music based groups for parents and children.
  • Toddler Groups in child care settings.

Other Program Services

  • Autism Services
  • Community Developmental Screenings
  • Behavioral Consultation and Evaluation
  • Consultation and Technical Assistance to Child Care Providers
  • Parent Resource Library
  • Parent Advisory Council
  • Accident and Injury Prevention, made possible through generous funding from the Cummings Foundation.  To learn more about the Cummings Foundation visit their website.

Workshops for parents and other members of the community include:

  • Red Flags -Identifying Developmental Concerns
  • Sign Language
  • Behavior
  • Turning Three (Transitioning from Early Intervention)
  • Sensory Integration
  • Language Development
  • The Value of Play
  • Augmentative Communication                                                                                                                

Collaboration and Linkages with:

  • Lowell Family Foundation Network
  • Lowell Family Literacy Center
  • Lowell, Greater Lowell and Westford Community Partnerships
  • MSPCC Healthy Families